Putin and Poroshenko: who should sede?

28.08.2014 09:33       

V.Putin and P.Poroshenko have the same position as to the end bloodshed but  they have different point of view on ways of result achievement and possible compromise from both sides.

Presidents of Russia and Ukraine appear divided over interpretation of negotiation outcome.

Ukraine’s president said that V.Putin accepts the principles of a peace plan for Ukraine but the Russian leader insisted that only Kiev can reach a ceasefire deal with the pro-Moscow separatists.

Following meetings between Putin and Ukrainian President P.Poroshenko that included a one-on-one session that stretched into the night, there was no indication of a quick end to the fighting on eastern Ukraine.

“This is not our business,” Putin said of any ceasefire plan. “This is Ukraine’s business.”

Russia “can only help to create an atmosphere of trust for this important and necessary process,” Putin said. “We in Russia cannot talk about any conditions for the ceasefire, about any agreements between Kiev, Donetsk, Luhansk”.

Although Poroshenko told reporters that he had secured support for a peace plan from leaders who attended the summit and Putin called the sessions “overall positive,” the first meeting between the two leaders did not produce a positive move to end the fighting.

There were signs of spreading violence in Donbas. The meeting in Minsk also came on the same day that Ukraine said it captured 10 Russian soldiers who had come over the border. Putin denied allegations and suggested that the soldiers simply had become lost.

Concerning Russia’s effort to stabilize the situation in Ukraine, Putin said there was no specific talk about implementing a ceasefire because Russia is not a party to the conflict. Moscow is accused by Kiev and the West of arming and supporting the rebels – a charge the Kremlin denies – and it is not clear how much needed to try to pressure them into ending the fighting.

Besides their face-to-face talks, Putin and Poroshenko also met on Tuesday with the presidents of Kazakhstan and Belarus and top European Union officials. The presence of the other two presidents highlighted one of the difficult issues of Ukraine-Russia tensions: their countries are part of a trade bloc with Russia, and Moscow fears that Poroshenko’s determination to pursue closer ties with the EU will hurt Russia’s economy.

Putin also said the conflict “could not be solved by further escalation of the military scenario without taking into account the vital interests of the southeast of the country and without a peaceful dialogue of its representatives.”



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